15 tips for students. How to manage everything and study well?

15 tips for students. How to manage everything and study well?

As is well known, in the first 2 years the student works for the reputation, and then the reputation works for the student. That is why it’s really important to keep up with all the studies and to do it well you have to find some time to rest. But how to manage it all? Well, first of all, you need to accept the fact you can’t do everything all by yourself. Trust me it’s better to pay someone to write my research paper and free up some time to refresh for the other assignments than get all stressed and eventually not handle anything well at all.

It is indeed quite difficult to manage having everything under control. That is why in this article we will tell you how to study well and memorize information easily.

  1. After each lecture, analyze what you heard. It is not necessary to try to remember the smallest details, numbers, etc. It will be enough to recall general information without peeking into a notebook or textbook. After remembering the material, you need to look through the notebook to recall already more detailed information. Taking 10-15 minutes for such an exercise can save several hours of “cramming,” because the information is very well preserved when you view the lecture immediately after class.


  1. When reading a chapter in a textbook, begin by looking at all the chapters in the textbook, the summary, and the introduction, and review the questions after the chapter. This will help you better concentrate and absorb the material.


  1. Also, as you read each chapter of the textbook, you should mentally recite the memorized material without looking it up. Doing it will save you a lot of time later in the future.


  1. Using Index Cards. To memorize definitions, learn a ticket or just any information, you can use index cards. Making them is very simple. On one side of the sheet write the basic concepts, the number of the ticket, and on the other – all the information on the topic. Also, such cards are convenient to use for learning foreign words. On one side, write the word with a transcription, and on the other – the translation.


  1. When taking a test, you need to look through it from the first task to the last one, then select the most difficult points and start solving the test with them, and after that move on to the easier ones. This point applies not only to the test but also to homework. You should take the most difficult subjects first, then move on to the easy ones.


  1. Remember: Reading a textbook is not a learning process. Only reproducing the information in your head, without any visual cues, is a learning process. It is at this point that the information will be deposited in your head for a long time.


  1. Sports significantly improve the ability to learn and concentrate. It’s important to allocate some time for exercising to feel well and perform better studying. If you’re too busy for that, then look for some good services on reddit to get help with your writing assignments and make sure you’re available for doing sports.


  1. You should plan all of your time. If classes at the college last from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., you need to set aside an hour for rest. Then, when you sit down to work or homework, set aside time for this point and in no case longer than that.


  1. Understanding the subject comes from telling/explaining it to someone else.


  1. Find additional supporting materials. Those could be books, journals, web resources, etc. Read both information that is directly related to your subject and some not directly related but also very useful material like how to get inspired for essay writing or how to manage your time better.


  1. Making folders. Very often teachers hand out printed material that is usually thrown away after class. Such information is never superfluous, especially on tests composed by the same teacher.


  1. You don’t need to read the same material several times on the same day. It will not be remembered better. But if you repeat it every day, but only once, the material will be remembered for a long time.


  1. There is no need for motivation. It arises occasionally and for a moment. Motivation is an impetus to action. The only sure help in any endeavor is discipline. Man is his own friend and enemy. Discipline is the best thing in self-improvement. Read a book before going to bed, learn 20 new words, make a plan for the day, get up at 6 am, do exercise and do not get distracted from your tasks. You have to force yourself until it becomes a habit. It’s hard, but the payoff will be tremendous.


  1. ​​Regularity. Every day you need to do something to study, for self-improvement. It will take a little time to develop this habit, but it is a very useful skill.


  1. Remember that many of the daily rituals shape one’s life path and oneself. This is far more important than single bursts of motivation that disappear as quickly as they appear.


By following these tips you will be able to manage your life better and take from your college period as much as possible. Study well but don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health.