Brandon Cottom (Survivor 44) Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Brandon Cottom
Brandon Cottom

Brandon Cottom Biography

Brandon Cottom is a Survivor 44 contestant who enjoys coaching at Parisi Speed School, snowboarding, swimming in any body of water, cooking, and grilling. He works as a Security Expert in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

Brandon Cottom Age

Brandon Cottom was born in 1992 in Newtown, Pa. He is  30 years old.

Brandon Cottom Height

Brandon is of average stature; additional details will be provided when it becomes available.

Brandon Cottom Education

Brandon has not supplied information about his educational history; we will update this section as soon as he does.

Brandon Cottom Family

Brandon has remained mute on facts about his other, father, and siblings; but, as soon as we acquire specifics from credible sources, we will update this section.

Brandon Cottom Wife

Although Brandon has kept his lovelife private, an investigation is underway, and this part will be updated soon.

Brandon Cottom Net Worth

Brandon has an estimated net worth ranging between $100k- $1 million.

Brandon Cottom Survivor 44

The American competitive reality television series Survivor is currently running its 44th season. On March 1, 2023, CBS will broadcast the premiere of Survivor 44. A group of strangers are put in a difficult reality program where they must find their own food, shelter, and fire while in a remote area. Up until one is left, the candidates participate in numerous challenges. The Sole Survivor title and a significant sum of money are awarded to the last person standing. One of the Survivor 44 participants is Maddy Pomilla.

When asked about a life experience she believes has helped her become a better player? she responded that she spent five years working in a busy, high-traffic nail salon where she had to combine the requirements of 20 Vietnamese women, many of whom were twice my age and had varying levels of language proficiency, with those of the customers. To maintain everyone’s happiness, she had to balance a variety of viewpoints, often with grown people yelling in my face about their fingernails.

Which former participant do you most identify with? Who do you anticipate playing the most like? There are so many players I’d like to mention, but Gabby and Aubry are the ones with whom I most identify. I want to portray those two powerful women with the extra sass that Maryanne had.

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