Christina and Jessica (Extreme Sisters) Bio, Height(s), Age(s), Husband(s), Net Worth


Christina and Jessica
Christina and Jessica Photo

Christina and Jessica Biography

Christina and Jessica are Identical Twins and reality Tv stars known as Extreme Sisters. They have been labeled as the “Psychic Sisters” of “Extreme Sisters.

Christina and Jessica Real Names

Christina was born Christina Manning while Jessica was also born Jessica Dunagan.

Christina and Jessica Age(s)

Christina and Jessica have not revealed their exact date of birth.

Christina and Jessica Families

Christina and Jessica have not revealed their parents’ names, however, Jessica told her sister she predicted that her mother would die of cancer. Jessica said that they both get visions, our abilities come through visions, through dreams, through feeling the energy, and reading energy.

Christina and Jessica Husband(S)

Christina and Jessica are currently single and are both divorced the two predicated and it came true. They have not shared any information about their husbands’ names.

Christina and Jessica’s Children

Christina and Jessica have kids but have not disclosed more hence it will be updated as soon as it’s available. Christina says that we’ve both been pregnant two times. I had a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. So we would both have two children.

Christina and Jessica Net Worth

Christina and Jessica’s exact net worth has not been revealed hence it will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Christina and Jessica Extreme Sisters

Extreme Sisters premiered on Sunday, April 25 at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC. The Show follows several pairs of ladies whose unusual bonds and quirky co-dependencies defy standard sibling behavior. TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters’ portrays the relationships of five fascinating sister duos that are eccentric and highly intimate.

The show also spotlights five sister duos in locations ranging from Australia to Oklahoma. Some of the casts opened up about The Post about their crazy closeness — from sleeping in a bed together as adults to sharing a significant other.

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