Gavin Wood (Ethereum) Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife and Children

Gavin Wood
Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood Biography

Gavin Wood is a famously known English Creator of Polkadot and Kusama, co-creator of Ethereum, and computer scientist.

Gavin Wood Age

Gavin Wood was born in Lancaster, the United Kingdom in April 1980. He is 42 years.

Gavin Wood Height

Gavin stands at an average height of 5 ft 10/1.8m tall.

Gavin Wood Education

Gavin studied at the Lancaster Royal Grammar School, then earned a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Computer Systems and Software Engineering in 2002 from the University of York and finished his Ph.D. in 2005.

Gavin Wood Family

Gavin hasnt shared out details about his parents and siblings with the public, however, a review on this segment is ongoing and will soon be updated.

Gavin Wood Wife

Gavin hasnt revealed out details about his lovelife, it isn’t known whether he is in a relationship or not, however, research on this is ongoing, and will soon update this.

Gavin Wood Net Worth

Gavin has an approximated net worth of $450 million.

Gavin Wood Career

Before Gavin developed Ethereum, he served at Microsoft as a research scientist. He co-created Ethereum, which has been outlined as “one computer for the entire planet,” with Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, Anthony Di Iorio, and Charles Hoskinson, during 2013–to 2014.

He proposed and assisted develop Solidity, a programming language for writing smart contracts. Also, in 2014 he let out the Yellow Paper defining the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the runtime system for smart contracts in Ethereum. Also, he worked as the Ethereum Foundation’s first chief technology officer. In January of 2016, he left the Ethereum Foundation.

He created Parity Technologies (previously Ethcore), which created a client for the Ethereum network and develops software for companies using blockchain technology, with Jutta Steiner, who also formerly worked at the Ethereum Foundation. In early 2016, The company let out the Parity Ethereum software client, written in Rust. He works as Parity’s CWO, as of 2018.

He created a nonprofit organization focusing on decentralized internet infrastructure and technology, starting with the Polkadot network, titled the Web3 Foundation. In relation to Ethereum’s proof of work mechanism, Polkadot relies on the proof of stake mechanism and allows developers to create their own blockchain that can talk to other ledgers, forming a system of parachains.

Developers can come to a conclusion on what kind of transaction fees to charge and how fast to confirm blocks of transactions across the digital ledgers. He created Kusama, an early-stage experimental development environment for Polkadot in 2019.

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