Guilherme Evaristo Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth All Star Shore

Guilherme Evaristo
Guilherme Evaristo

Guilherme Evaristo Biography

Guilherme Evaristo is a reality television star who has appeared on Rio Shore’ (2021) and All-Star Shore (2023). Gui is his endearing nickname. Gui lends a different flavor to the season with his distinctive mustache and a history of various romantic engagements.

Guilherme Evaristo Age

Guilherme Evaristo was born on October 3 in Brazil. The public has not been informed of Gui’s precise age.

Guilherme Evaristo Height

Guilherme is of average stature.

Guilherme Evaristo Education

He earned a degree in engineering, displaying his diligence and commitment to academics. In particular, he completed his engineering studies at the UFRJ Polytechnic School in 2017. He has participated in various competitions while playing football for his collegiate squad. In the same year, he also attended the Institute of Management Engineering, which broadened his education and skill set.

Guilherme Evaristo Family

Felipe Evaristo, the reality TV star’s brother, is one of several siblings. His family includes numerous nephews and nieces, emphasizing his close-knit and familial connections. Gui has a Swedish godson in addition to his familial links, implying a larger worldwide network of connections and interests. He also lives with a lovely Border Collie named Eva, demonstrating his love of animals and the outdoors.

Guilherme Evaristo Girlfriend

Gui’s romantic journey has played an important role in his reality TV appearances. In season one of ‘Rio Shore,’ he had a love relationship with a fellow participant named Natallia, and the two were in a relationship for quite some time. When Gui began dating another candidate named Crystal in season 2, the story altered. Their relationship, though, was far from perfect. As Gui’s romantic involvement with Crystal led to disagreements with other housemates, the house became a battleground for emotions and tensions.

Vitória, Nat, Jéssica, and Rick became involved in the drama surrounding Gui’s relationship. After a night in a romantic mood, emotions rose and Vitória argued with Gui, causing other people to become engaged in the house’s volatile atmosphere. Gui and Cristal’s relationship was also complicated, which is why Nat and Jéssica avoided inviting the two to the estate. The drama continued when Jessica and Nat clashed with Cristal and Gui, adding to the tense environment in the house.

Guilherme Evaristo Net Worth

Guilherme’s amassed net worth is between $100k – $1 million.

Guilherme Evaristo All-Star Shore

Gui worked as a Civil Engineer at Espectro Engenharia Ltda before entering the spotlight of reality television. His technical experience demonstrates his intellectual aptitude as well as his ability to flourish in a tough career. His transformation from an engineer to a reality TV star is extraordinary. While it is unknown what sparked this change, Gui has clearly made the most of his time on reality television.

Gui’s appearance on ‘All-Star Shore’ is not his first foray into reality television. He appeared in ‘Rio Shore’ in 2021 and ‘Estdio Shore’ the following year. In 2022, he also appeared on MTV’s PodShore. Gui will be at the center of intriguing relationships and dramatic moments throughout his time on ‘All-Star Shore.’

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