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Mel Robbins' photo
Mel Robbins’ photo

Mel Robbins Biography

Mel Robbins (Full name: Melanie Robbins Schneeberger) is an outstanding American former television host, author, motivational speaker, Lawyer as well as podcaster best known for her coverage of the George Zimmerman trial for CNN.

In 2020, she was been named New York’s Best-Selling Author for her book The 5 Second Rule and Work It Out. In addition, Mel hosts a famous motivational podcast called Start Here.

Mel Robbins Age

Mel Robbins was born on 6th October 1968, in Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States. She is 54 years old.

Mel Robbins Height

Mel stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (approx. 1.62 m).

Mel Robbins Family

Mel was born in Kansas City, Missouri Mel was brought up in North Muskegon, Michigan under the love and support of his caring and devoted mother Marcia Schneeberger, and unidentified father. Mel’s mother served as a shopkeeper in Missouri.

Mel Robbins Husband

She is blissfully hitched to her good-looking and loving husband Christopher Robbins. He currently serves as an entrepreneur. The lovely couple has been living under the same roof since they walked down the aisle in 1996. As of now, the duo is proud to be sharing three pretty children named Oakley Robbins, Kendall Iris, and Sawyer Laurel.

Mel Robbins Education

She earned her high school diploma from a local high school located in North Muskegon, Michigan prior to furthering her studies at Dartmouth College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History, Film & Women Studies. Later on, Mel matriculated at Boston College Law School and graduated with a J.D. degree in 1994.

Mel Robbins Net Worth

From her successful career as an international speaker, television host, author, and podcaster it is obvious that Mel has amassed a desirable amount of wealth over the years and has an estimated net worth is $12 million.

Mel Robbins Podcast

Mel is an outstanding podcaster currently hosting the Start Here podcast, a Pep Talk mainly designed to encourage and empower her listeners. In her podcast, Mel covers an extensive range of topics including financial freedom, career, Friendship, emotional eating, sleep, Relationships, self-love, and stress, among others. Mel has hosted the podcast since September 2020.

Mel Robbins Books

Mel is an exceptional author who has published several best-selling books including:

  • Stop Saying You’re Fine (2011)
  • The 5 Second Rule (2017)
  • Take Control of Your Life (2019)
  • Work It Out (2020)
  • The High 5 Habit (2021)
  • The High 5 Daily Journal (2021)

Mel Robbins Book

She is the author of a popular book titled The 5 Second Rule since February 28, 2017. Mel’s book has 248 pages and has been translated into almost 35 languages.

In her book, she states that the secret to changing your life is knowing how to make yourself do it but not knowing what to do. Mel’s book has sold over 2 million views and has been named #1 Nonfiction Book of the Year and also Amazon’s 6th Most Read Book of the Year.

Mel Robbins Career

She previously served at CNN from 2013 to 2018. Mel was was one of CNN’s most famous on-air commentators and opinion writers. During her tenure at CNN, her passion was helping people get the justice they deserved. She is still acknowledged on the network for covering the George Zimmerman trial. Soon after quitting journalism, Mel started serving as a motivational speaker.

The Mel Robbins Show

She previously hosted The Mel Robbins Show, a syndicated daytime talk show with Sony Pictures Television that was launched on September 16, 2019. Sadly, her show was then nullified due to low ratings. Before, the show aired on Cox Media Group.

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