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Paul Joseph Watson
Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson Biography

Paul Joseph Watson is a conspiracy theorist, far-right YouTuber, and radio host from the United Kingdom. He is the current host of The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas. He embraced the label “alt-right” until July 2016 but now considers himself a member of the new right. He was permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram in May 2019 for violating hate speech policies.

Paul Joseph Watson Age

Paul Joseph Watson was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England on May 24, 1892. He is 39 years old.

Paul Joseph Watson Height

Paul stands at an average height of  6 ft 2 in/1.88m tall.

Paul Joseph Watson Family

Paul was born and raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England by his mother Hazel Watson, and father Philip Watson. Paul described his formative experience as watching The Secret Rulers of the World when he was 18 years old. Journalist Jon Ronson accompanied Alex Jones on infiltration of Bohemian Grove in California, where conspiracy theorists believe global elites are plotting the New World Order.

Paul Joseph Watson Wife

Paul has gained media attention for his work as the editor-at-large of Alex Jones’s InfoWars website and co-host of The Alex Jones Show. Despite his celebrity, he has always kept his personal life private.

Paul Joseph Watson Salary

Paul earns an annual salary of $65,385.

Paul Joseph Watson Net Worth

Paul’s approximate net worth is  $1 million.

Paul Joseph Watson Career

His career began with radio host Alex Jones, as well as Paul’s work for the conspiracy theorist. He promoted fake news while working as an editor-at-large for Jones’ InfoWars website. He also supported 9/11, chemtrails, and New World Order conspiracy theories. After he gained a sizable following, he and Jones both shifted their focus.

Currently, the two are primarily concerned with criticizing feminism, Islam, and left-wing politics. Simultaneously, he contributes to InfoWars’ talk radio show, The Alex Jones Show. He hosts or co-hosts the show on occasion. He has worked for InfoWars since October 2002. Since 2011, he has also been the host of his own YouTube channel, prison planet live.

On this channel, he often mocks his views on various topics such as contemporary society, politics, and modern liberalism. “Culture, controversy, contrarianism,” Paul says of his channel. He frequently mocks celebrities and politicians. This channel had over 1.9 million subscribers as of January 2021.

Alexander Emerick Jones (Alex Jones) is a 48-year-old American far-right radio show host and prominent conspiracy theorist born in Dallas, Texas, on February 11, 1974. He is the current host of The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas. The show is syndicated across the United States and online by the Genesis Communications Network. InfoWars, NewsWars, and PrisonPlanet are his websites that promote conspiracy theories and fake news.

The journalist has given white nationalists a platform and support. On his website Banned, Alex gave Unite the Right attendee and white supremacist Nick Fuentes a platform. Video, which is now used as an “entry point” to their ideology. On July 6, 2017, Alex and Paul began hosting a contest to create the best “CNN Meme,” with the winner receiving a cash prize of $20,000.

Paul and Alex were reacting to a CNN report about a Reddit user who created a pro-Trump, anti-CNN meme. Alex was accused of antisemitism (anti-black racism and sexual harassment) by two former employees in February 2018. He, however, denied the accusations. He began using NewsWars after InfoWars was banned from Facebook in 2018 for violating its policies against harassment and hate speech.

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