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Payne Lindsey Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Salary, Net Worth Podcast

Payne Lindsey is an eminent American director, documentary filmmaker,  and podcast presenter. He is prominent for his work as the co-host and co-creator of the well-liked true crime and investigative podcasts Up and Vanished and Atlanta Monster.

Payne Lindsey Age

Payne Lindsey was born in Kennesaw, Georgia, United States of America on November 21, 1987. She is 34 years old.

Payne Lindsey Height

Payne stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in/1.8m tall

Payne Lindsey Family

Payne’s parents raised him in Kennesaw, Georgia, United States of America. At the age of ten, the 34-year-old podcaster purchased his first video camera. He went on to direct local television advertisements and music videos.

He has a brother named Mason, according to the Up and Vanished website. Mason is currently employed as a producer for Tenderfoot TV. Rich Shertenlieb, 98.5 FM, is one of their cousins. The host of Sports Hub radio.

Payne Lindsey Wife

In September 2016, he married his ex-wife Cassie House, although specifics of their wedding are now unavailable. Payne currently resides in Atlanta.

Payne Lindsey’s Net Worth

Payne’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

Payne Lindsey Career

In early 2018, he co-hosted the Atlanta Monster podcast with HowStuffWorks. The new podcast delves into the horrific Atlanta Child Murders that occurred between 1979 and 1981. More than 25 people were murdered in Atlanta during that period. Before hearing of the murders from his business partner Donald Albright, Payne was unaware of the case. Payne hosted the podcast and conducted the interviews that were included in it. The podcast has currently received over 70 million downloads.

In the fall of 2019, he announced and released the first episode of a new podcast. The episode, Radio Rental, combines genuine stories with a fictional backdrop. Payne invited Atlanta residents to contact him and share their weird and scary stories on the show. Terry Carnation, a fictional character, and 1980s video store employee, hosts the podcast. Carnation is played by Rainn Wilson. Payne and Wilson became acquainted after Wilson tweeted that he liked Payne’s podcast, Atlanta Monster.

He aspired to direct feature films as a child. After meeting a variety of people with diverse personalities on a cross-country road trip, he created a 13-minute documentary video on them and submitted it to film festivals.

In December 2015, Netflix launched a podcast series called Making a Murderer. After watching the show, Payne felt he wanted to make something similar. Payne was prompted to examine the disappearances of a beauty queen and a schoolteacher named Tara Grinstead because he had an early interest in investigative journalism. He also desired to look into a well-known cold case in Georgia.

During that period, he intended to turn Grinstead’s story into a documentary film. Payne, on the other hand, recognized he did not have the funds to tape interviews on location but “could produce a podcast at home in my boxers.” As a result, he created Up and Vanished. Payne did not have access to police data, so he combed through old news articles and online forums for probable leads.

Near Ocilla, Georgia—the location where Grinstead had vanished—his grandmother resided. Payne broadcast weekly, in real-time, on audio. Payne’s podcast had over 50 million downloads in 12 months. This drove Grinstead’s case into the mainstream media while also assisting in the discovery of previously buried material.

This resulted in the resolution of a decade-old case and the arrest of two people. Payne began podcasting full-time after Up and Vanished gained prominence. During the second season of Up and Vanished, he covered Kristal Reisinger’s disappearance.

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