Peter Brimelow Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Salary, Net Worth VDARE

Peter Brimelow
Peter Brimelow

Peter Brimelow Biography

Peter Brimelow is a British-American columnist, magazine editor, and writer. The creator of the VDARE website, which is associated with white nationalism, white supremacy, and the alt-right. “Whites built American culture,” according to Peter, and he believes that “it is under threat from non-whites who seek to change it.”

He previously worked as a writer and editor at National Review. He was also a columnist for Dow Jones’ MarketWatch. He founded and served as the first president of the Center for American Unity in 1999. The journalist identifies as a paleoconservative. Peter has been described as a leader in the alt-right movement.

The journalist is opposed to the terms “white supremacist” and “white nationalist.” He would rather be known as a “civic nationalist.” Peter had filed a claim against The New York Times. However, in January 2021, the judge dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that his label as a “white nationalist” was not defamatory.

Peter Brimelow Age

Peter was born in Warrington, Lancashire, England, on October 13, 1947. Peter is seventy-four years old.

Peter Brimelow Height

Peter is 5 feet 7 inches/1.7 meters tall.

Peter Brimelow Family

Peter was born in Warrington, Lancashire, England, to Bessie (née Knox) and Frank Sanderson Brimelow. Frank was a transportation executive. He has a twin brother, and they both graduated from the University of Sussex in 1970. Later, he enrolled at Stanford University, where he earned his MBA in 1972.

Peter Brimelow Wife

In 1953, Peter married Maggy Laws Brimelow, a Canadian woman, but she died in 2004 after an eight-year battle with breast cancer. The couple had two children: Alexander Brimelow, a son, and Hannah-Claire Brimelow, a daughter. Then he remarried Lydia Sullivan, a 22-year-old Heritage Foundation intern, in 2007.

Felicity Deonne Brimelow, their first child, was born in August 2010. The couple welcomed their second child, Karia Sybil Nancy Brimelow, on June 13, 2012. The couple’s third child, Victoria Beauregard Brimelow, was born on February 6, 2015.

Peter Brimelow Education

Peter received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Sussex in 1970. From there, he went on to Stanford University, where he earned an MBA in 1972.

Peter Brimelow Salary

Peter earns an annual salary of $187,496.

Peter Brimelow Net Worth

Peter’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

Peter Brimelow Career

Peter is currently the president of the VDARE Foundation. The Center for American Unity founded this Virginia-based nonprofit foundation in 1999. A non-profit website dedicated to raising awareness about the pollution of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Previously, the journalist worked as a securities analyst in Toronto. He worked as a business writer and editor for the Financial Post and Maclean’s magazine in Toronto. In addition, from 1978 to 1980, Peter worked as an aide to US Senator Orrin Hatch.

The journalist relocated to New York in 1980, where he worked for Barron’s and Fortune. From 1986 to 2002, he was the senior editor of Forbes magazine. In 1990, Peter and Leslie Spencer’s article “The Litigation Scandal” received a Gerald Loeb Award in the “Magazine” category. Forbes commissioned the magazine.

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