Richard Bernard Moore (Death Row Inmate) Bio, Wife, Children, Family, Execution

Richard Moore (Death Row Inmate)
Richard Bernard Moore (Death Row Inmate)

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This is what you need to know about Richard Bernard Moore, an American man on death row in South Carolina who is scheduled for execution. Moore was convicted of the murder of convenience store clerk James Mahoney in Spartanburg, South Carolina in September 1999.

His case has received international attention as he is scheduled to become the first person to be executed in South Carolina in over a decade, and also the first person to be executed by firing squad under the state’s new controversial capital punishment laws.

Richard Bernard Moore Execution

After his sentencing, Moore was scheduled for execution on January 22, 2002, by Circuit Judge Gary Clary. Prosecutors acknowledged at the time, however, that it would take years of appeals before Moore would actually be executed.

Richard Moore ran out of appeals and was scheduled to be executed on December 4, 2020. However, the state was unable to execute Moore as they did not have the lethal injection drugs required to do so. He was given the choice of lethal injection or the electric chair. Moore declined to pick either meaning he was set to die by the primary method of lethal injection. As the state did not have the drugs available, his execution was stayed.

Following this, lawmakers in South Carolina pushed to add the option of execution by firing squad, in an attempt to resume executions, after a failure to get the drugs needed for lethal injection. A bill, approved by a 66–43 vote, gave inmates the choice to die by electrocution or firing squad if lethal injection drugs were unavailable. The state announced in March 2022 that it had finished developing protocols for executions by firing squad.

Moore is scheduled to be executed on April 29, 2022. He has chosen to be executed by firing squad instead of the electric chair

Richard Bernard Moore Age

Richard Bernard Moore was born on February 20, 1965 (age 57 in Michigan, U.S. He is 57 years old.

Richard Bernard Moore Wife

Moore’s wife is Lynda Byrd and in 1991 the couple moved from Michigan to Spartanburg, South Carolin.

Lynda Byrd (Richard Bernard Moore Wife) Bio, Family, Husband,Children

Richard Bernard Moore Children

Moore together with his wife Lynda are parents of their two children.

Richard Bernard Moore Early life and Family

Moore was born and grew up in Michigan. He struggled with drug addiction for a long time which turned to robbery to support his drug habit. He was convicted of burglary and weapons charges in the 1980s. Moore moved with his partner, Lynda Byrd, from Michigan to Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1991. The couple later had two children together.

Moore punched Michelle Crowder in the neck in 1991 while trying to steal her purse in Spartanburg, then kicked her repeatedly in the head and back after she fell on the purse. When Crowder’s fiancé came to help her, Moore beat him so severely that he had to be hospitalized. Crowder would later testify at the sentencing phase of Moore’s murder trial.

Another Spartanburg resident, Valerie Wisniewski, said that Moore robbed her as she was working in a shoe store. He also pleaded guilty to assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature for attacking a woman in 1997.

What did Richard Bernard Moore Do???? -Crime

On September 16, 1999, in the early hours, Richard Moore entered Nikki’s convenience store in Spartanburg. Moore was unarmed and was intending to rob the store to support his drug (cocaine) addiction. Inside the store was the clerk, 42-year-old James Mahoney, and an eyewitness to the crime, Terry Hadden.

Hadden was playing on a video poker machine when he saw Moore walk toward the cooler inside the store. He then heard Mahoney shout at Moore and ask him what he was doing. Hadden turned to see Moore and Mahoney in a brawl, with Moore holding both of Mahoney’s hands with just one of his.

Mahoney had pulled a gun on Moore and the two got into a scuffle, with Moore taking hold of the weapon with his other hand. Richard Moore turned his attention to Hadden and pointed the gun at him, telling him not to move.

Moore then tried to shoot Hadden, but missed. Hadden fell to the floor, pretending to be dead. Mahoney then pulled out a second gun and several more shots were fired. Mahoney shot Richard in the arm while Moore shot Mahoney in the chest.

After Richard paced around the store leaving a trail of blood behind him, he fled the store and drove off in his pickup truck. Hadden then got up and saw Mahoney lying face down on the floor, with a gun lying near his hand. Hadden called the police but Mahoney died minutes later from the gunshot wound to the chest. Richard stole nearly 1,500 dollars from the store.

After Richard left the store, Deputy Bobby Rollins, who was on the lookout for him, heard a loud bang as he was patrolling the area. Richard Moore had backed his pickup truck into a telephone pole approximately one and a half miles away from the crime scene.

As Rollins approached the vehicle, he saw Moore sitting in the back of the truck bleeding from the gunshot wound to his left arm. As Rollins shouted at him to surrender, Richard Moore confessed to the crime. The stolen money was found in a bag covered in blood in the front seat of the truck.

The weapon that Richard had taken from Mahoney was later found on a nearby highway shortly before dawn. Moore was taken to Spartanburg hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Richard was then transported to the Spartanburg County jail where he was charged with armed robbery, assault and battery with intent to kill, and murder.


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