Shaun P. (FBoy Island’ Season 3) Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

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Shaun P.

Shaun P. Biography

Shaun P. will be a participant in the new reality series FBoy Island, which premieres on October 12 at 8 p.m. ET. He is a personal trainer. On the West Hollywood, California season of the reality series Fboy Island, he is a single man looking for new relationships with influencer Daniella Grace, model Hali Okeowo, and ex-Bachelorette competitor Katie Thurston. In addition, they will select one of the twenty-one men to be their FBoys or Nice lads.

Shaun P. Age

Shaun P. was born in Los Angeles in 1993. He is 29 years old.

Shaun P. Height

Shaun stands at an average stature.

Shaun P. Education

Shaun is exceedingly cautious and has kept his academic history hidden; nevertheless, an investigation is underway, and this item will be updated shortly.

Shaun P. Family

Although Shaun appears to be a family man, his parents and siblings are unknown to the general public.

Shaun P. Girlfriend

Shaun is a single male in the third season of the reality show Fboy Island. Katie Thurston, a former Bachelorette contender, Daniella Grace, an influencer, and model Hali Okeowo seek luck as they decide which of the 21 lads will be their FBoys or Nice men.

Shaun P. Net Worth

Shaun’s estimated net worth ranges between $100k- and $500k.

Shaun P. FBoy Island’ Season 3

FBoy Island fans, rejoice! The third season of the popular reality dating show is about to begin. Previously, the show aired on HBO Max. However, following its abrupt end in December 2022, it was picked up by The CW network.

Whether you are new to the thrill or a die-hard fan, here’s a refresher on how it all works. Three single women are given a group of 21 men to date each season. Throughout the season, the females must figure out which guys are “Fboys” and which are “Nice Guys.” As a result, they will be obliged to regularly put their hearts at risk. If she marries a “Nice Guy,” she will receive $100,000 in cash. If she selects a “FBoy,” the entire $100,000 goes to the Fboy, with the option of sharing it.

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