Who Is Connor McDavid?

Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid

Who Is Connor McDavid?

As one of the best ice hockey players to grace the NHL, Connor McDavid has won numerous
trophies during his pro career. Playing for the Edmonton Oilers since turning pro in 2015, he’s
one of the few players to have won the Hart Memorial Trophy on three occasions, as well as
being named as the NHL’s fastest skater.

McDavid won this trophy as the league’s most valuable player in 2016-17, 2020–2021, and
2022–23. The second of those triumphs was only the second time a skater had won the award
on a unanimous basis, with Wayne Gretzky’s win in 1981-82 the other time.
At the time of writing, he hasn’t won the Stanley Cup, although that hasn’t stopped many
analysts from calling him the best player in the league and one of the best in history.

The arrival of defenceman Mattias Ekholm in 2023 raised hopes that the Oilers would now have the solid
foundations needed to allow Connor’s skills and goalscoring to lead them to the sport’s biggest
trophy. At the time of writing, the latest odds suggest that Edmonton, the Florida Panthers, the Colorado
Avalanche, and the Carolina Hurricanes are all closely matched in terms of the chances of
winning the Stanley Cup in the 2023-34 season.

The Edmonton Oilers have won the Stanley Cup on five occasions, all of which came in the period between 1983 and 1990. McDavid is the team’s captain and leading them to this triumph in 2024 would be the biggest
highlight of his career so far. If you want to predict how well they will get on in this quest, you
can find the latest NHL lines online with the current betting odds. Bet on the outright winner of
the Stanley Cup or look at the odds on individual games leading up to it.

You could also bet on McDavid’s performances or look for the odds of him winning the Hart Trophy again this season. In terms of his playing style, Connor is left-handed and plays as a center. He’s often praised for
his ability to apparently see things that other skaters can’t and play the game at a faster speed
than others. As well as being an exceptionally fast skater, he moves the puck so quickly that
spectators often can’t see in real time what he’s done.

As for the future, since he is arguably the best player in the NHL right now, there’s no doubt that
other teams would be delighted to trade Connor. He could easily get a massive contract
elsewhere and perhaps improve his chances of winning a trophy at the same time. Yet, for the
moment, he seems happy to see out the rest of his career with the Oilers.

His current contract was signed in 2017 and ties him to the Canadian club until the end of the
2025-26 season. While there have been rumors in the past about him wanting to leave and go
to a club with a greater chance of success, the player has always shown a high level of
commitment to the team and seems unlikely to try to force through a trade.

Connor McDavid Age

Born on January 13, 1997, McDavid is currently aged 27.

Height and Weight

He stands at 6 foot 1 (185cm ) tall and weighs 194 lb (88kg)


He was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1997. His mother, Kelly, played ice hockey as a
youngster while his father, Brian, played in high school and is a keen fan of the Boston Bruins.
They played a huge role in helping Connor learn the game and progress through the different
age groups ahead of schedule.


Connor McDavid is engaged to interior designer Lauren Kyle. They’ve been together since 2016
and live together in Edmonton, with plans to get married in June 2024.


McDavid regularly played games in older game groups from the age of six. After three years at
Premier Elite Athletes' Collegiate in Toronto, his advanced skills and dedication to ice hockey
meant that he became one of the few players to be granted exceptional player status. This
meant that he could start playing in the junior ice hockey league at the age of 2015, instead of
waiting to join a college program.


He was picked first in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft by the Edmonton Oilers, receiving a three-year
deal worth $11.3 million. Since then, McDavid has proved to be one of the best hockey players
of his generation and has received improved contracts to reflect this. For the 2023-24 NHL season, he has a salary worth $11 million and a cap hit of $12.5 million.

The salary is comprised of signing bonuses worth $10 million and $1 million in base salary. This
puts him slightly behind Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche with the second-top NHL
salary and compares favorably to many players in other American pro sports, such as Chris
Glaser of the New York Jets in the NFL.

Net Worth

According to online sources, this NHL player has a net worth of $30 million as of 2024.