Wyatt Pike (Season 19 of American Idol) Bio, Age, Height, Exit, Songs and Albums

Wyatt Pike (Season 19 of American Idol)

Wyatt Pike (Season 19 of American Idol)

Wyatt Pike Biography- Wiki

Wyatt Pike is an American singer-songwriter well known for his appearance on season 19 of the American singing competition television series, American Idol. Pike dropped out of ‘American Idol ’ without explanation as to why. We are investigating to bring to you the reason as to why the talented artist dropped. 

Wyatt Pike Drop out of American Idols

Many fans have been wondering what happened as the show geared up for Top 16 performances on April 12. For his performances, Spike has accumulated a large fan base and they are in shock after the bad news of Pikes’s exit. However, his sudden departure from the show has left everyone shocked including the judges who saw great potential in him and thought he had a chance to make it big in the music industry.

Ryan Seacrest announced at the top of American Idol that Wyatt Pike left the competition, which was quite a shock to viewers. The show didn’t explain exactly why he was eliminated though speculation online has pointed to his Instagram, which showed he visited his hometown just five days ago.

An official statement from a rep of the show (obtained by People) said Pike left the competition for “personal reasons,” which may be why he hasn’t hopped on social media to explain to folks what’s up. Hopefully, answers may come down the road.

The top 16 singers had performed on Sunday, and Wyatt was one of them. It is possible that the show was recorded in advance as Wyatt’s last post on Instagram hints he has gone back home.

His post read: “Something to feel this through the home. Thankful for the rollercoaster I’m on today.” Some fans speculate that he may have been sent home due to breaking Covid-19 protocol. This is because Wyatt posted on Instagram that he was going home on April 8th.

The filming for ‘American Idol’ takes place in Los Angeles, and Wyatt was visiting his home in Utah. However, at this stage, Wyatt has not spoken out about his exit and all speculation is unconfirmed.

Wyatt Pike Age

Pike is 19 years old as of 2021, born in Park City, Utah in the United States.

Wyatt Pike Height

Pike stands at an average height however, her exact details about body measurements are not known.

Wyatt Pike Songs and Albums


  • Brand New Boy


  • Best for You 2020
  • Because of Me 2020
  • Diana 2021