X people changing education as we know it

X people changing education as we know it

If we combine the destruction of the higher education system and the recent strike of
Chicago teachers, many things will open up. Anyhow, education policies will be
modified and bring amorphous changes in the education system. Very few people know
the names that are boosting this situation and playing a great role in changing education
throughout the nation.

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We have introduced these personalities in our article that are changing the system of
higher education. Some of these persons are advocates, innovation leaders,
policymakers, and others.

Bill Gates

He does not need an introduction, as known for great innovations in the field of
computer science and education technology. Bill himself is not an educator, but an
organization named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation greatly influences education. It
must not be surprising that the Gates foundation always funded millions of dollars for
the prosperity of teachers and the betterment of education in many countries. Bill Gates
is revealed as the most influential personality in the policies of the education system.

E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

A modified set of the curriculum was established in many states of the U.S. It was a
great reformation that occurred in the U.S education system. The name behind this
modification is E. D. Hirsch, Jr. Hirsch is chairman and founder of a popular
organization, Core Knowledge Foundation. He worked hard to change and set a new
curriculum. The old composed curriculum and its limitations motivated him to bring
important changes and set the previous mistakes.

Diane Ravitch

She worked invaluable positions in the department of education under two presidents of
the United States. She had a remarkable role in defining the policies of education. As
she worked as a government person in the education sector, it turned her opinions on
what policies need reformation. She also took steps to people aware of what reforms
can make your children successful. She worked as an advocate in the education
department under the government of George H.W Bush.

Cami Anderson

In 2011, Cami took the position of superintendent in the Newark school system. But this
system is failing after spending 25,000 dollars on each student due to poor scores in
tests and rates of graduation. Maybe she is not in the same position as other
superintendents, but her system takes a lot of attention. CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark
Zuckerburg, donates 100 million dollars for improvements to the school system

Linda Darling-Hammond

Linda is a valuable person in the education system who has worked hard to reform the
education system for the last 20 years. She is a professor at Stanford University. She
guides the teachers to redesign the education system and make advance and better
policies. In addition, she gave training to teachers and trained them with modern values
and different ways to teach students. She also served the education system by working
as an executive director of the National Commission of Teaching.

Salman Khan

TIME magazine added the name of Salman Khan to the list of “100 Most Influential
People in the World”. Salman Khan is a righteous person who deserves this place. He
takes a remarkable part in the innovation of education. If you are not familiar with his
name, you may know about Khan Academy. It is providing free of cost online tools for
learning in the education system.

Freeman Hrabowski

He also takes the “100 Most Influential People in the World” list of TIME magazine. It is
due to his great contributions to the development of higher education. He holds the
position of the head at Baltimore University and Maryland University. In 1992, he held
control of a school and transformed that ordinary school into a top institute of the U.S
nation. He is known as the great leader and president of the college in the United

Sir Kenneth Robinson

He became an internet sensation when his interview was published on TED, a popular
website. This video has more than 12 million viewers in a short time. He is a former
professor and educational advisor. Sir Kenneth gave his 12 years to the education
department at the University of Warwick. He won a lot of awards due to his contribution
to the education field.

Sebastian Thrun

Thrun and his partners Mike Sokolsky and David Stevens worked together in the
betterment of education. They developed a free tool, “Udacity,” that remarkably
impacted the education system. The open education device provides a high-standard
course of education to the public.

Conrad Wolfram

The Wolframs, brother Stephen, and Conrad are valuable names in the field of
education. They develop critical technology tools for promoting education. Wolfram
Alpha engine for computational knowledge and Mathematica software are these